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Recent  Work

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My Process

When I first started painting with acrylics I enjoyed experimenting with layers of glaze while painting with my fingers to allow for loss of control, colour exploration and lots of texture. When I got tired of messy hands I moved on to a palette knife. Then I combined palette knife with dry brush application. Lastly, I worked colours together with dry brush and multiple layers. My process is free flowing. 

In stark contrast with watercolours, I use markers to get sharp lines and detail work in my minimalist black and white designs with a pop of watercolour on paper. I revel in seeing the colours bleed into each other.

 My sculpture work is organic forms. Sometimes I work from an initial drawing. I sculpt in cardboard, using glue or tape to form shape. As the shape forms it often changes with lovely three dimensional surprises. I papier Mache or shellac and finish with paint or textured finish.

Commission Qoute

Not the right colour or size?! Give me the pleasure of creating it for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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